Wednesday, 9 September 2009

wooden bikes etc

Here's my discovery of the day. You must see this guy's experiments. I found his site via one I discovered earlier this week and love, called Instructables



Tuesday, 8 September 2009

unusual garage jack - anyone know anything about it?

I have just acquired a curious garage jack, a Millennium, which if my initial searches are correct, was produced by Lake and Elliott, an Essex company. Catalogues for the forge go back to 1913, I believe. There are no hydraulics - the whole thing works on levers. When I first saw it in a corner of a garage I was clearing for a friend, I thought from its long handle and release lever, that it was a points has that look about it.
As well as Millennium Garage Jack in the casting, it has the number P 191 A (that's what it looks like, anyway - At first I thought, hoped even, that it said 1914, but am pretty sure it doesn't, though the last figure is not totally clear)

know anything about it?