Monday, 11 February 2008

Mantis transformed into Rack of Lamb

Discovered this bike last night and feel inspired. Been discussing it with Lori, a friend in Arkansas. I am planning on doing something similar on Mantis. I have never liked the dead space in Mantis's frame, where you'd ordinarily expect to see an engine. A crouching skeleton could be answer. In the next day or so I'll post a sketch of the idea. On Mantis I'd want the skeleton to be full size. I'd wrap the rib-cage around a rounded black tank (instead of the coffin tank). I like the halogen lights in the skull's eyes. I'd like the arms to be articlulated and fixed to the forks so that they move when the bike turns.

On mine there'd be less of the impression that the rider is shagging the skeleton and more the impression of riding on death's back.